Chinese games site promo rubber braceletsto limit shows after anchor"s death

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An online games platform in China has promised to limit its livestreaming services after the sudden death of one its most popular anchors.

Gu Wang, 20, was found dead on Nov 2 after hosting a marathon session of Arena of Valor, a multiplayer battle game, on the Chushou website.

A statement released by Chushou on Wednesday said he had died of overwork.

Gu had hosted the midnight to 9 am broadcast since July, but on the day he died he had extended the live show several times due to demands from the audience, according to the company.

He was hardworking and regularly hailed as the website"s No 1 anchor by his 170,000 fans, the statement said.

"Anchors should pay attention to their health. They should make it a priority while working hard for their fans," Chushou added. The company urged its hosts to have annual medical checks.

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